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Podcast Episode 6 - Exercise and the Benefits of It

This week Gina and Emily discuss their varying attitudes towards exercise as they have aged.

At school Gina was a sports fanatic while Emily was usually sneaking off for a cigarette.

While Emily developed her fitness, Gina struggled to maintain a healthy lifestyle, due to the pressures of working in the Police.

Now both 40 ish, they share the lessons they have learnt along the way and discuss the wide variety of exercise and it's equally varied benefits.

Gina, a qualified personal trainer, dispels some myths along the way and explains why strength training is so important for women as they get older.

Emily, a qualified life coach specialising in women's health, discusses how exercise benefits the mind as well as the body.

Gina Harmer

Instagram - @spaceforyou_coaching

email -

Emily Priddis

Instagram - quiet_mind_coaching

email - emilypriddis@quiet-mind-coaching

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