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I started my journey with Emily when I was feeling very overwhelmed. As a mother, wife and business owner, I sometimes struggle to focus on the most important aspects of my life and become distracted and stressed when I feel I am not succeeding in life. I called Emily at a time when I had decided that I needed help. I had been thinking about it for quite some time and I think we often wait too long to reach out, I know I did! From my initial conversation with Emily, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted. She listened and understood and her reassurance and guidance has been outstanding. I didn’t even realise how much I could change my life & most importantly, my way of thinking, until I had the right help to make those changes. When you have support from someone who you can trust, it removes that feeling of helplessness and feeling as though you are alone. Stress and anxiety can show in many ways and for me it is both a mental and physical struggle. After only a couple of months, I not only feel more at peace but physically I feel healthier. Emily has helped me to feel empowered and more in control. Her knowledge is incredible and I love the fact that she shares her own personal experiences as it showed mutual trust and a great feeling that we were a team. Her positivity is infectious and her warm, calm & patient approach encourages you to be honest about your thoughts and feelings. Emily’s sessions are designed specifically to suit your needs. Each one was unique and left me feeling inspired, important and ready to make changes. Emily is a rare find and and I would recommend her to anyone. My advice is not to wait any longer, but to take the leap and trust in her process as it will change your life ❤️

Kath Lawson

Middle Aged Woman

For the past 10 years (at least) I have binged at least 3 days a week (well apart from a month where I overate constantly to compensate for not binging, but I did not binge). My weight has steadily increased, and I am now clinically obese (just). I have tried everything I can think of to stop bingeing – therapy, intermittent fasting, diets (many), personal trainer, online courses, apps, telling a friend, telling my mum, pretty much everything I can think of. Nothing has worked. I still constantly think about food and look for every opportunity I can to binge in secret, anywhere I can, but mainly in my office at work, the car and in bed.
I recently came across Emily through a personal friend who told me about Emily’s post about anorexia. I have known Emily from a distance for a few years, but we are not friends. She is someone I have always respected and admired and when I read her post I felt a connection to her story. I felt I could trust her with my story.
We started working together 5 weeks ago once a week (although she does text daily to check in). I told her initially that I just wanted her to tell me what to do and she explained that wasn’t going to happen, and she was right. The way she has worked with me is hard to put into words as it feels like nothing has happened, it feels like I have just had a few chats, done a bit of thinking and carried on with my life. In reality Ihave not binged at all now for 2 weeks. I have not eaten piles of biscuits at work, I have not snuck upstairs with a packet of muesli bars, I have not eaten 9 crumpets in one sitting. I have wanted to at times, I have thought about it a lot, but I haven’tdone it. 
Working with Emily is different. She hasn’t told me anything I don’t already know, but the way it has been framed, presented and explained has struck a cord. She has spoken to ME, the real me, hidden inside and reminded me that I can do this, food is just food and I control me. I am not saying I am cured, I still think about food a lot. I still think about bingeing daily and I am not yet a size 10. But, for the first time in years I can see the end, I can see a time when I achieve what I really want. What I really want isn’t to be thin (though that would feel nice), what I want is nonchalance, I want to not care about food. I want it to stop controlling my life. I want to stop having a secret version of myself that I am ashamed of. For the first time in a long time I think it could happen and it could happen soon.
I am not getting a discount for this testimony, I am not getting anything at all, but if one more person could start to be free by asking for help then it would make me happy. Binge eating is a problem that makes the person feel shame abut being themselves. No one should feel shame, every day, all the time. Emily has made me realise this, given me tools to use, space to think and the confidence to try, this alone is worth every penny.



I have now had a couple of coaching sessions with Emily and I have found them to be tremendously helpful and calming. Emily has helped me see things logically. She is warm and friendly. She offers guidance and perspective, while allowing you to find you own way forward and conclusion. I would definitely recommend Quiet Mind Coaching to anyone determined to develop themselves and create a renewed vision.

Tara Smith


I have found Emily's coaching has enabled me to focus on my goals, which is something I have always found difficult to do. I now think more positively and have clear plans for the future. I feel proud of the changes I have achieved. I feel more positive and confident. Emily is a very supportive coach, there is no pressure, only encouragement. I would recommend her highly.

Sue Williams

woman 13

I've just done a squiggle coaching session with Emily. I didn't have a question nor knew what to expect going into the session (but i did have a pen and paper!) and have to say ' Profound', 'Deep', 'Emotional', 'Enlightened' and ' Content' were just some of the words that come to mind when i think about what i got from the session!


Emily's calm approach and ability to listen and provide guidance and structure enabled me to feel comfortable talking ( and i do love to talk lol) yet it was insightful speech, as I was able to identify a question whereby the answers (or at least my perceived answers) were there in my squiggle as i examined it. This made me emotional as i have often felt that i have been self sabotaging myself which as a result has held me back from my full potential.


However, as the session progressed, I actually realised I hadn't been holding myself back and that in fact i had actually been moving, albeit slowly, i was moving. I say slowly but that was just to me, as friends and colleagues have seen a profound change in my attitude, and behaviour these past few months whereby i have achieved a lot.


So from tears initially, the session ended with a big smile and feeling much better leaving than starting, so thank you EMILY, loved it!


If anyone isn't sure about trying this with Emily, i encourage you to do so!

Tracy Smurthwaite


Signing up to the 12 week intensive course was a bit daunting at first. I’d received therapy from NHS and it didn’t really help me. I felt as though I was just another one of their many patients, but as soon as I spoke with Emily, I knew she just got me! Although eating is a huge part of the issues I struggle with, I now understand that my eating is linked to my anxiety and self confidence. Emily has helped me understand the connection and has designed a course around my specific needs. We look at ways to manage and overcome the feelings of anxiety which impact my eating. I have been on a journey that started with me feeling desperately out of control and is moving towards me knowing, not only myself, but understanding the world around me. I use the tools I’ve learned to connect with the people I love. I no longer take things personally or overthink situations I find myself in at work, or in relationships. I feel more grounded and confident. To anyone who knows that they must change but is not sure how, I recommend investing 3 months of your life to work with Emily. I am 20 years old and I feel fortunate to have made changes that will last me a lifetime, I am, for the first time in years, excited about the future!

Hannah Roberts

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