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Once You Have Unlocked The Secret, Disordered Eating Habits Will Be A Thing Of The Past

Ever wondered why diets don't work? It's because they don't address the cause of the problem! Our relationship with food is complex. The key is to understand our cultures, patterns of thinking and behaviours when it comes to the way we eat. It takes a journey of self discovery to re-learn how to enjoy food while developing good health, improving self esteem and enjoying healthy relationships with ourselves and those we love. So, if you are fed up of disordered eating habits, low self esteem and poor relationships, you are in the right place!


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About Me.....And You!

I am married with 2 great kids. I specialise in empowering women to achieve true contentment by overcoming the daily struggles of disordered eating habits. I know how many years you have probably spent, being unhappy with the way you look and feel. You've spent those same years on working hard in your profession, in your relationships, caring for children and to the outside world it probably seems like you have got your sh*t together. You don't want to admit defeat or ask for help when it comes to the issue that remains behind the closed doors of many woman just like us, (yep that's right I said us. I have been where you are!) we don't want to admit that when things get tough and we struggle with our inner critic, it's our eating habits that portray the turmoil.  Sadly this can lead to a perpetual cycle of poor health, yo yo dieting, mood swings, low self esteem and strained relationships. 

Luckily I was given some great support and have come out fighting (well of course I have, women like us do not give up). Now it's my turn to take you on that journey. Strap in!


Starting From the Beginning

We get so caught up in the traps of modern living that we cannot comprehend what it is to be truly content. We worry about work, we fret about screwing up our kids, we constantly compare ourselves to others, we base our sense of self worth on the judgement of those we barely know, we worry our husbands will run off with a 20 year old, we are too fat, too thin, too old, to highly strung. No wonder we find comfort in a bucket of wine and a packet of digestives at the end of the day! So breathe, it's time to focus on you and get life back into perspective.


Do you feel out of balance? It's time to focus on what is really important. Goals are far more likely to be achieved when we understand what truly motivates us, what we are passionate about and who we really care about. When our goals are in balance with our values then we are almost certain to succeed.


The transformation comes when we understand and accept that emotions are transient. Often our eating habits change when we are in a heightened emotional state. When we feel elated we often eat the food we enjoy in an attempt to increase or extend that emotional state. When we feel low we eat in an attempt to bring us comfort. But what if we just accepted that emotions come from thoughts which occur in the subconscious. Sometimes our thoughts lead to positive emotions and sometimes they lead to negative ones. What if we stopped chasing happiness and fighting sadness? What if we stopped trying to control our thoughts? What if we were just content in the knowledge that emotional flux is a natural human experience?

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