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Why Worry?

Have you ever noticed how some days your worries seem few while other days become overwhelming. It is fair to say that how you feel is not always reflective of the seriousness of the problem, but of your resilience. It’s important to work through your worries in order to put them back into context and build resilience. The first question to ask yourself is. “is the problem within my control?” If it’s not then you must focus on how to overcome your feelings and not the problem itself. The next question to ask yourself is. “Am I going to be worrying about this next week/month/year?” Then set your focus accordingly. Keeping a diary of your worries, thoughts and feelings builds reflective practices into your psychology. Reflection has huge benefits in all areas of wellbeing and performance. If your worries are causing severe poor mental health seek professional help and speak to someone close to you. A problem shared is truly a problem halved.

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