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The Power of Determination

Never underestimate the power of


Look at this tree.

It would have started, like all trees, as a seed. A seed on top of a windswept hill. A seed on top of a solid stone wall.

For the first few years it would have been fragile, but the desire to grow meant it must endure its fragility within its environment.

As a sapling it would have been a nutritious meal to local fauna, yet it remained untouched, possible due to luck, possibly due to the tough location at which the seed came to rest.

The chances are, many other saplings weren’t so fortunate. It is afterall, survival of the fittest.

As the sapling began to grow, so roots began to bury themselves into the ground in search of water. As you can see that was no easy task for this tree.

Yet the tree’s desire to grow and thrive gave it the energy to push down through the rocks in search of fuel and stability.

This tree fought through every stage of growth until it became spectacular and beautiful. This tree was determined to be the best version of itself. The most resilient tree, the tree that could take on a stone wall and win.

This tree is now a source of food and shelter, its seeds will secure the survival of other trees as magnificent as itself.

Personal growth is challenging and energising all in one go. The harder you have to work, the more resilient, stable and beautiful you become.

The more resilient, stable and beautiful you become, the more of you there is to give to the people who love and need you.

Keep growing, never give up and never underestimate the power of determination.

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