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The past only hurts you when you think about it.

A lot of people believe their MH issues stem from childhood. I was one of those people but let us take a moment to explore that concept.

Firstly, our brain works in such as way that our memories, even the most vivid or traumatic ones, are unlikely to be reliable.

Secondly, the past has gone, so the only way it can continue to hurt you is if you think about it.

I accept that sometimes it’s hard not to think about the past, especially if it brings back feelings of guilt and shame. Sometime we can be tempted to continually punish ourselves for past mistakes. In my experience that usually leads to self sabotage and more mistakes! The best thing I ever did was to draw a line under my past and focus on building my future. Not only did it end my anorexia but I attracted people who loved me, because I loved me. When you think you are no good, then others will treat you that way. Do yourselves a favour….draw the line! Whenever the thoughts of your past intrude, literally shut the door on them. It takes practice but my goodness, it’s worth it!

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