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The crashing of high expectations.

Isn’t frustrating how, the more you look forward to something, the more sensitive you are as to whether it fulfils your expectations! More often than not, things don‘t go according to your exact plan and you wind up disappointed. You don’t want to feel that way but you just do! It’s because the chemicals released through anticipation are no longer released when the thing you look forward to actually happens. The same is true with our own behaviour. We hold such high expectations of ourselves that when we mess up, we spiral into self doubt and beration. Sometimes this can lead to self sabotage! The fact is, we are human. We mess up and things don’t always go according to plan. It’s ok to have a rubbish day, to feel negative, to want to stop trying. Take some time, rest your mind and remind yourself of what you hope to achieve. Then try again but with a renewed sense of what is expected and what is achievable.

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