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Stress hormones and how they affect our eating.

How do stress hormones affect our eating?

Hands up if you eat when you are stressed!?

Maybe you don’t eat when you are stressed!?

Let’s face it neither are healthy!

Cortisol and adrenaline are great at what they do! They flood our body so we can run, or fight or whatever we need to do in life threatening situations! Sadly, they don’t know that a demanding workload won’t kill us but the stress might!

While the after effects can leave us feeling depleted and craving carbs, cortisol actually slows down our digestion (apparently digestion is not essential in life and death situations) so, by eating difficult to digest food we can cause big issues….ibs being one of them.

So top tip to help get rid of those stress hormones, which can take 2 days to leave our system! Get some fresh air, light/moderate exercise, drink plenty of water, eat light meals and get some good sleep.

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