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Getting lost is actually good for your MH!

Like many, I used lock down as an opportunity to explore my local area, which meant a fair bit of time getting lost! But did you know that navigation uses the part of your brain called the hippocampus. This part of your brain is also responsible for memory storage. The hippocampus surrounds the amygdala, which is the fight or flight part of your brain. Constant trauma causes the amygdala to actually erode the hippocampus, hence those with PTSD have realistic flash backs. The hippocampus is not functioning properly so the brain does not realise the threat has gone and should be just a memory! By exercising the hippocampus, it can repair itself and better cope with the chemicals released by the amygdala. So, get out there and explore your surroundings….but maybe take a tent and a flare 😂

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