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Diets - They only make you heavier in the long run!

Less than 5% of people who diet manage to maintain their goal weight, most people will not only regain the weight they lost, but put on even more weight!

Dieting does not work! I think we all know that but desperation makes us believe the fallacy.

So what does work?

Listening to your body. The effects of poor weight management can have a huge impact on our bodies, but we have such terrible habits that we don’t always listen to our bodies.

Emotional Eating, irregular meal times, convenient food, eating at your desk, eating in front of the tele, poor portion management, yo yo dieting all mess with our chemicals and disrupt the communication between our brain and our stomachs.

Try some very simple changes and tune back into your body.

Eat Breakfast. Start right. A healthy breakfast gets your metabolism working and stops cravings later In the morning. Even a banana is better than nothing.

Plan lunch. A wholesome soup or stew will provide loads of nutrients and stop you snacking as your energy levels drop in the afternoon. Take a walk after lunch to aid digestion and allow your body to process the meal and advise you as the whether you are actually full up or not.

Eat dinner at the table, without any distractions, eat mindfully. Listen to the messages your body is giving you.

Keep a journal of your emotions and eating habits, this will help you reflect and focus on the changes you need to make to unlearn your unhealthy habits and relearn positive ones.

Let me know how it goes!

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