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A Quiet Mind will restore your equilibrium.

Updated: May 8, 2022

In our constant struggle to “be our best selves” we lose sight of what that really means.

Is our best self, thinner, kinder, more successful? Are we so frantically trying to achieve more that we overlook what we already have?

A rest of the mind can do far more than we realise. It can restore us. It can help us reflect on what we truly value.

Inner peace is a gift that nobody else can give us. It’s a gift we must allow ourselves for ourselves. It gives us clarity, focus and connection.

At times I am so driven to improve my quality of life, for myself and my family that I lose focus of what I already have. I ignore my kids to work on my business, I’m so tired and short tempered, that the time we do have together, I waste by shouting.

I know that I’m getting it all wrong but I’m so frazzled I can’t seem to pull myself together. Every night I go to bed and tell myself I must be better, I must try harder. These inner voices are driving me insane!

I get to the point where I am so tired of my internal battles that I want to just give up. I recognise that I need time out but the guilt prevents me from saying it out loud.

Then when things reach a tipping point, I take myself away. I have to! I have people who depend on me keeping my shit together.

Today I have taken myself to Kew Gardens. There is no better place than in nature to find your inner peace. Am I being selfish? Maybe. Do we sometimes need to put ourselves first for the people we love? I say yes. I love my kids more than life itself. I owe them a good, attentive, loving mother. I truly believe that in order to love others, we must love ourselves.

So when you find yourself in need of restorative peace, remember that a quiet mind is not just beneficial to you, but to those you love most.

If looking after your physical and mental health means you have to do things that may feel selfish, remember that physical and mental well-being is crucial to maintaining healthy relationships. no-one died thinking they wished they’d worked harder!

If you are struggling with your relationship with food, remember that too can benefit from the inner peace that comes of a quiet mind. Resilience wanes when we are physically and mentally drained.

To ensure we are resilient to the challenges life throws at us, and my goodness it does, understanding the value of a quiet mind is integral.

So next time you need time out, take it. Your family will thank you for it. As will your body and your mind!

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