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Change is the only Constant.

We have all heard this saying, yet our steadfastness in resisting change remains. The fact is, we find change mentally challenging and age only increases our inability to adapt quickly so, it’s important to focus on change and our approach to it! A friend once said to me, as I complained about the apparent need for an online presence in setting up my new business. “The horses aren‘t coming back.” It got me thinking. Our grandparents have gone from having no car, no tele and no fridge to world dominated by technology. I will never forget my grandma’s pride in learning how to send emails. The fact is, Change Is Constant. We must, for our own sake, accept change and focus on it as an opportunity to learn and grow. To fight change is futile so don’t waste your energy! Adopt little changes into your every day as that will build the neurological pathways that will help you overcome the anxiety caused by change. Think of the habits you have fallen into, if they are restrictive, CHANGE THEM!

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